Finding, Completing, and Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Forms

Chapter 7 bankruptcy forms are designed to allow you to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy case that will permit a total discharge of all your eligible debts so you can start with a clean financial slate. Although personal bankruptcy is always considered a federal court case, the forms you will need to file your case are specific to your state and district. There are 94 federal districts, with at least one in every state as well as in the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. If you do not know what district you are in, you can find them listed online at

Once you have found your district you can obtain your bankruptforms in several different ways. If you are working with an attorney or paralegal they will most likely supply you with the forms you need. Most legal forms are available for download online in a variety of formats- while some sites charge for these forms, you may be able to find them free if you spend some time looking. Sometimes bankruptcy forms are also available for purchase at a stationary or office supply store.

Filling out chapter 7 bankruptcy forms will require diligence and attention to detail. Keep in mind that anything you list must be totally accurate, and your petition is subject to verification by other documentation such as billing records and bank statements. If you are able to get help from a legal or financial professional you should do so, and never hesitate to ask questions if you are unsure about something. The bankruptcy forms will require you to make a detailed presentation of the following information:

A list of all your creditors and the amounts you owe each
Your source and amount of income
A list of all your property
A detailed budget itemizing all your monthly living expenses (such as food, rent, taxes, utilities, medical fees, etc.).

Since chapter seven bankruptcy works in part by liquidating your available property and financial assets in an attempt to make at least partial repayment to your creditors, you will be required to file a list of your exempt property along with your petition. The property that is exempt from liquidation might depend on your district, so inquire with your case trustee or attorney when preparing this list. While this step may be intimidating and emotionally stressful, remember that the bankrupcy court , while aiming to repossess most of your assets as a compensation for elimination of eligible debt, will not seek to impose crippling damage on you by taking the items that you need to survive and continue working.

There are various court fees that are associated with filing your chapter 7 bankruptcy forms. The US bankruptcy court currently charges $155 to file your case, a $30 administrative fee, and a $15 trustee surcharge. You can pay this fee to the clerk when you file, but if you have difficulty in paying this fee all at once you may request to pay in installments. Generally the fee can be divided into a maximum of four installments that must be paid within 120 days of filing your petition.

There are several sources of quality information online that present easy-to-understand explanations of what you will need to know about how to file for bankruptcy online. Reliable sites such as cover all the essentials and are very valuable tools that you will want to have on your side when you're ready to file your forms.


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