If you have made the decision to file for personal bankruptcy, it will be to your best advantage to hire a bankruptcy attorney to help you with your case. Finding the right attorney for your needs can be a challenge, especially when you are facing severe financial restrictions. However, most bankruptcy attorneys recognize the situations and needs of their clients and can be more modest in their service charges. Getting in touch with a bankruptcy attorney is just like finding any other business or service. The following are some ways for you to go about finding a bankruptcy attorney:

Ask someone you know
If you happen to know anyone who has had to file bankruptcy, ask if they used an attorney and what their experiences were like. Hearing a client's testimonial is always the best way to get an inside view on a particular attorney.

Phone directory

Look under "attorneys," "legal services," or "bankruptcy." The yellow pages will doubtlessly list dozens of attorneys to choose from, you should make a point of contacting several and comparing their services and fees. Before you call, write down a list of questions you want to ask and be sure to keep track of the answers each firm gives you.

Referrals from the internet and organizations
There are several sources on the internet that will help you find a bankruptcy attorney. Many people have found valuable advice and information on sites such as, which lists the particular qualifications of each attorney in its database. In addition, local bar associations often have referral services to help connect attorneys with clients in search of a particular type of representation.

Once you have found one or more attorneys that seem suitable for you, arrange for an initial consultation. Keep in mind that a reputable bankruptcy attorney will not charge you for this first meeting. A bankruptcy case involves revealing a lot of personal information at a time that is by nature usually very stressful and difficult. So it's important to see how you feel just talking to the attorney you're meeting with. Ask a lot of questions upfront, because you're sure to have more down the line. An attorney's job is to represent your personal interests, and having the right bankruptcy attorney is perhaps the most valuable asset during your filing. So don't feel pressured into anything- make sure you're happy with what you see before you hire an attorney.


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