Filing bankruptcy is a complex court procedure that has to be done correctly in order to ensure success. If mistakes are made, your case might be rejected and there is sometimes a waiting period of up to 6 months before you can file again. Although the task may sound daunting, just be sure to take your time and pay attention to details. Don't leave anything out, and if you're working with an attorney or paralegal, make them earn their fee- ask plenty of questions!!! Here are some important things to know about filingbankrupt:

Although bankruptcy is always considered a federal court case, cases are specific to each state and district. There are 94 federal districts, with at least one in every state as well as in the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. If you do not know what district you are in, you can find them listed online at:

Online Offers
There are many online offers that you can find in conjunction with bankrupcy information . You must realize that while many of these organizations are credible, some are not. Use your best judgment and be sure to compare several sites or services before signing on to any service agreement or making payment for anything. Much of the information that is sold on the internet can also be found for free on the internet if you look around for it. And while there are many services that will help you select, obtain, and fill out your bankruptcy forms, you must remember that you cannot actually FILE your bankruptcy online- no matter how prepares your forms, you have to personally deliver them to your district court in order for them to be filed.

Ask Around
Although filingbankruptcy is often a very stressful process that happens in conjunction with either mismanagement of funds, a divorce, job termination, or other personal loss, it's most useful if you can try to find someone who has gone through the experience first-hand. Don't feel stigmatized about your situation. Ask around and see if there's anyone you can talk to who might be able to give you a personal perspective on what it's like to go through bankruptcy filing and what some of the best solutions and suggestions are.


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